With So Many Choices, What Is The Best Solar Charger?

These days, when so many of us have portable devices, and we move around so much, having a portable solar charger isn’t just nice, it’s a necessity.  Of course, the best solar charger is one that is capable of charging all of our electronic gadgets, and is small enough to be as portable as the gadgets themselves.

Given that we have a multitude of different cell phone brands,  digital cameras, MP3/MP4s, Kindle’s, Nook’s, portable DVD players, Bluetooth headsets, PDAs, and, a host of other toys, finding the right solar power charger can be a challenge.  In a perfect world, the charger needs to be small, be compatible with a number of adapters, durable – it will travel as much as we will, capable of fast charges, and, most importantly, be cost effective.

After lots of research we came up with three of the best solar chargers. Let’s have a closer look at them.

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One Response to “With So Many Choices, What Is The Best Solar Charger?”

  1. Jon says:

    Finding the best solar charger can be a challenge. Freeloader and Solio both have a great line up of solar chargers.


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