Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger

The first thing you should be aware of with the Solio is that there is a new model on the market.  What we are reviewing here is the new model.  Its capabilities are far superior to the previous model; it now takes approximately 10 hours to fully charge the battery rather than the two days with the previous unit.

Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger

Straight away we can tell you that the Solio battery is charged either from the sun or from a wall plug.  You cannot plug it into a laptop or other device and charge the battery via a USB.  You can though, use the USB adaptor to charge devices and the Solio professes to be capable of charging over 3,000 hand held gadgets.

The Solio still takes longer to charge its batteries from the sun than other solar chargers though.  When you are traveling, the difference between 8 and 10 hours can be significant.

The Solio can be used as a direct power source; that is an advantage it has over the Freeloader Pro.  Simply fan out the solar panels, or, plug it into the wall, and your device is ready to go.

As with all purchases, ultimately is it a matter of personal choice.  However, when what you want is the best solar charger available for the person on the move, we would have to say that the Freeloader Pro fits the bill.

It is the best value for the money, can be used to charge a multitude of devices, and gets great reviews from owners.




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