Power Monkey Solar Charger

Power Monkey Solar ChargerJust like the Freeloader Pro, the Power Monkey Solar Charger is capable of charging a multitude of electronic devices. Perhaps the biggest difference though is cost. The Power Monkey is at least twice as expensive just to get the solar component. If what you are looking for is simply a way to charge devices, then the cheaper Powertraveller is the best option.

Compatible with the majority of mobile phones, iPods, MP3 / MP4, PDAs and portable games consoles including the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS-Lite. A range of add on adaptors to fit different electronic devices.

This is the best solar charger I have ever tested. It charged my iPod and my mobile phone in a few hours.

Powermonkey eXplorer solar charger pros:

  • uses 110V or 220V
  • it doesn’t require too much light to work. Place it near the window and it will start charging your gadgets
  • has all the necessary adapters for power
  • includes many tips for electronic devices including the iPod and iPhone as well as others like the Razor phone
  • it is compact and light

In conclusion Powermonkey eXplorer is a quality charger which will make it’s job perfectly: it will charge your electronics even there isn’t much light.


Powermonkey eXplorer – Portable Charger with Solar Slave can be found at Amazon.

The Power Monkey Solar Charger has much the same capability as the Freeloader but the additional cost leaves a lot to be desired.  What you do get, that the Freeloader doesn’t have, is the wall socket battery charger, however, when what you are looking for is portability, will the ability to charge your charger battery from the mains going to be more advantageous that a solar charger?  Nine times out of ten, travelers will be looking for a solar capability rather than the wall socket. This is why you must see the Top 10 best solar chargers before getting a charger.

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