Opteka BP-SC6000 Ultra High Capacity Solar Charger Review

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On January 5, 2014
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About the Opteka BP-SC6000 Ultra High Capacity Solar Charger

The Opteka BP-SC6000 Ultra High Capacity is a solar charger created to power USB devices like cell phones, tablets, Mp3 players and so on. This charger has a built in 6000mAh internal battery which is a huge advantage because you can store energy. The energy can be use later when you need it.

Also the BP-SC6000 battery can be charged faster via USB so even when you lack sunshine you will still be able to charge the battery and power your gadgets.

The pack comes with the accessories needed to charge a large number of electronics. When you buy the solar charge you also get Micro USB input, USB output (micro USB, Apple 30-pin charging tips and USB extension cable).

Opteka BP-SC6000 Ultra High Capacity Solar Charger

Opteka BP-SC6000 Ultra High Capacity Solar Charger

The Opteka is compatible with a large number of devices. People used this product to charge Iphone 4&5, Ipad 2, Nexus 7 Kindle reader, Android powered tablets, but it will charge any other device which can be charged via USB. According to the manufacturer the charger is compatible with Nokia, Samsung, LG, Palm, Blackberry, Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Motorola, Sony, Bluetooth, GPS, various digital cameras, PSP, various eBook readers, tablets, Nintendo DS, Kindle, and other devices.

The Opteka BP-SC6000 Ultra High Capacity is a new model which features a technology called Solar EcoPanel. This allows the internal battery to charge 40% faster when compared with previous products.

The unit is small, light and easy to carry weighting 6.6 oz and measuring 5″ x 3.1″ x 0.6″.

How It Works

The Opteka BP-SC6000 portable solar charger is simple to use. Most people like to charge its internal battery by placing the device in bright sunlight or via USB. Then the battery is used to charge one or more gadgets.

This charger is appreciated by its users and most of the reviews are positive. The current rating on Amazon.com is 3.7/5 stars.

The Positive Reviews

The charger is popular and users like it because it works well in bright sun. In plus users claim that it works even in indirect sunlight. One user leaves it next to a window in his office and charges his phone every few days.

People also like that it comes with an internal battery. This means you don’t have to buy one and the energy can be used when required.

The USB charging feature is also appreciated, because sometimes you will want to charge the battery faster than using solar energy.

This Opteka model is considered to be reliable. One buyer use it on conferences and events to keep his phone battery charged while emailing, tweeting and notes taking.

A solar charger with an internal battery also means you don’t have to worry about the phone battery. All you have to do is to connect the phone to the charger.

Although it has a built in battery, the BP-SC6000 solar powered charger is compact, lightweight and easy to carry. Also users found the device to be durable and effective. People also use as a charger/spare battery for emergency situations.

Outdoor enthusiast like this device for powering their gadgets while camping, hiking or mountain biking. The internal battery is a huge plus because you can get it fully charged, power your gadgets and then recharge it using the sun. One user reported that he forgot to charge the Opteka’s battery before he left and by using solar power alone he managed to charge his phone 4 times.

In plus this solar charger has an attractive price. Right now you can get it from Amazon with over 71% discount.

The Negative Reviews

Solar chargers are known to be less effective than wall ones. They will charge a gadget using solar energy but it will be a slow process. Most of the Opteka users prefer to charge it with the help of an AC-to-USB adapter and use it as a battery backup.

The solar charging feature works fine but it charges some gadgets very slow so it is recommended to charge the internal battery via USB and the charge it using sun energy.

One user reported that using indirect light the Opteka’s BP-SC6000 internal battery charged from 0% to 50% in 6 hours. The same user recommends to use the cord which came with the gadget you want charged instead of using the cord that comes with the charger. You should get more power this way.

And also some users found the manual to be pretty hard to read, confusing and they also don’t like that the manual contains no troubleshooting. You can read all this negative reviews here.

In Conclusion

The Opteka BP-SC6000 works OK as a solar charger but it requires a lot of sun. The internal battery is its most appreciated feature; people find it reliable as a backup battery.

Also reviewers like that the charger is compatible with a large number of devices.

Buyers also purchased this device along with these accessories:

Where To Buy

[easyazon_block add_to_cart=”default” align=”center” asin=”B00CHQI57A” cloaking=”default” layout=”top” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”59346-20″]Solar-powered LED Flashlight w/ Keychain[/easyazon_block]

Would We Recommend This Product To Our Friends?

Yes, for charging small gadgets. The internal battery is good but the solar charging process is slow. It is relatively a cheap solar charger and it worth the money.  If you want to charge larger electronics such as tablets and iPhones faster, please have a look at Anker 14W Solar Panel, StrongVolt SOLAR 10 or Solar Joos Orange.

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