EasyAcc Solar Charger Panel Pack Bag Review

About EasyAcc solar charger panel pack

The EasyAcc Solar Charger Panel Pack Bag was created for charging gadgets like EasyAcc Anker External Battery, Bluetooth Speaker, iPod, Android Smartphone:HTC ONE, Samsung Galaxy S3, Blackberry Z10, Nokia Lumia 920, Mobile DVD, Bluetooth headset and other devices.

It is a solar panel to capture the sun’s energy and charge you gadgets for free. In direct sunlight it can be used to charge smart phones, tablets, ereaders, external batteries and other devices which charge via USB. Its buyers find it useful at home, office or outdoors.

The EasyAcc is small and light therefore travelers, campers, tech enthusiasts and even preppers like the device.

EasyAcc Solar Charger Panel Pack Bag

EasyAcc Solar Charger Panel Pack Bag

How it works

The unit must be unfolded, placed in bright sun and the gadget you want to be charged must be attached. After this all you have to do is waiting for the EasyAcc to do its job.

The EasyAcc solar charger received a lot of positive reviews and users like it. Its current rating on Amazon is 4.1/5 stars.

The Positive Reviews

There are many people who appreciate this product because it offers freedom. By using this device you don’t have to rely on a wall socket to charge your electronics. You gadgets will be recharged everywhere you’ll find bright sun. Users take the EasyAcc at work and place it on a window and also get the device with them on outdoor adventures.

This portable solar charger works with a large number of gadgets such as cell phones, external battery packs, iPods, tablets. It features a female USB and the pack contains a male USB to microUSB cable which is useful to charge a variety of electronics.

The unit’s compact design is also liked by the users. The device is light, thin and easy to carry.

Outdoor enthusiasts are delighted with their purchase. One user used the EasyAcc solar charger panel to charge his iPhone while he was on a camping trip and it worked without problems. Another user charged his iPhone 4s from 30% to full power in under 3 hours in a bright day and in 4 hours when it was cloudy.

And finally the buyers are satisfied by the EasyAcc price tag. Most people find it affordable and consider it a good investment. When I am writing this Amazon offers over a 50% discount for this product.

The Negative Reviews

There are no perfect products and some buyers complained about this device. Below you will find some negative aspects to help you make an informed decision.

Most people complained about the lack of an internal battery. Without a battery you rely on nature because you need bright sun to charge your gadgets and any solar charger without a battery is not effective in partial shadow, in cloudy days and also it is useless during night. So, most people prefer to buy an external battery pack to use it along with the charger.

Owning a solar charger and a battery has a lot of advantages: you can store and use the energy when you need it most and you don’t have to babysit your electronics while charging (some electronics will stop charging if there are clouds on the sky and you will need to disconnect and reconnect the gadgets when the clouds have passed).

Another thing people complanied about is the fact that it charges some iPhone models slowly. This is a common problem with solar panel chargers because they are not as powerful as a regular wall socket. This product solar panel is 6W so if you need electronics charged fast you should consider a more powerful portable solar charger like: Anker 14W Solar Panel, StrongVolt SOLAR 10 or Solar Joos Orange.

Finally some buyers received faulty units which were replaced by the manufacturer. You can read all this negative reviews here.

In conclusion

The EasyAcc solar charger panel pack does good job charging small electronics. The most of its users like the product and recommend it for hiking, biking, camping and outdoor adventures.

Users also recommend the use of an external battery pack. The preferred model is the EasyAcc 12000mAh Power Bank.

Where To Buy


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Would We Recommend This Product To Our Friends?

Yes, if they want to charge small gadgets. For those who want to charge devices which requires a lot of power or need their gadgets charged faster would recommend a more powerful portable solar charger like: Anker 14W Solar Panel, StrongVolt SOLAR 10 or Solar Joos Orange.

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